is the director of the system dynamics centre @ itba / is consulting as an online facilitator in a graduate program from Boston University / REPRESENTS SIT AN ISRAELI INNOVATION SERVICES FIRM- IN ARGENTINA / has experience in consulting and implementation of balanced scorecard / helped design sales strategy for a consumer packaged goods holding / SYSTEMS THINKING MATTER EXPERT IN AN EDUCATION PROJECT IN USA / has designed several methodologies for process acceleration / has organized international conferences in system dynamics and BSC / skilled consultant in conceptual modeling and policy design / HAS ADDED VALUE TO THE DESIGN OF EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING INITIATIVES / has written several academic essays and articles / has integrated system dynamics to other frameworks and methodologies / has facilitated the design of a policy making tool for an oil & gas co. / has taught, consulted and facilitated internationally / IS APPRECIATED AS AN SME, AND AS A PROFESSIONAL STRATEGIC COACH / is always thinking of adding the next item in this list.